Salt & Spice Unit DSS-2000



Choose automated dry salting to obtain an automated and specificly chosen salt layering. The state of the art technology ensures an even salt dosage on top of the product.
The special designed dosing rollers ensure a higher,
specified amount of salt on the thicker part of the fillet.
Hereby, the overall fish quality is enhanced.  


The machine is developed so it can easily be installed in an existing processing line as a replacement to manual hand salting.


After the fillet has passed the filleting process the Dry
Salting Unit doses salt on the fillets.

As the Dry Salting Unit is a two lane unit both the right and left side of the fish will be dosed at the same time.

The Dry Salting Unit requires a combination of dry salt and sugar. Furthermore, the last row of dispensers can be used for spices. It can programmed so a larger quantity of salt is dosed in the middle of the fillet and a smaller quantity on the belly and tail region. This leads to a more even taste in the whole fillet.

IMPORTANT: If the machine is placed in a very moist room it  requires a constructed cabinet to keep the entire salt dosing 100% moisture-free.

The cabinet in the machine is double sealed with heating elements in order to avoid condensation.

The machine is developed with an electrical speed control so the speed of the dosing valve and the underlying belt

It is hereby possible to make an accurate adjustment of the dosing valve in order to spread a specific chosen layer of smaller or larger quantity of salt.


The machine is constructed in stainless steel and designed in UFT Hygiene Design. It is easy cleanable as the belt is

dismantled sideways.
All materials used are FDA approved.






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