Packing Table


Packing Tables from 6-12 operators

The packing table is the perfect match for producers using our Fresh Slicer DL 250. The packing table can also be used along with existing double lane slicers.
Depending on the operational set up and required capacity, the tables will be customized and can be constructed for up to 12 operators.
The table is constructed in FDA approved materials and AISI 304 stainless steel. Round pipes are used for the construction to avoid bacteria accumulation on the surface of the table.
At each packing station there will be one container for cardboards and one for vacuum bags. This will save time for each operator.


  • Underlying belt, 500 mm - transporting the fillets from the double lane slicer to each operator.
  • Upper belt, 350 mm - transporting cardboards with salmon slices to the end where an operator can use a vacuum packing machine. The upper belt has a sensor in the end ensuring that the belt will stop moving when a cardboard reaches the sensor.
  • 2 drum motors.
  • 6-12 packing stations including containers for bags and cardboards.
  • Quick-release system for easy cleaning.
  • 1 electrical control with speed control.




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