Long Slicer 1400


Our new Long Slicer 1400 cuts the fillet lengthwise, hereby providing you with a better, more even and more precisely cut fillet.

The cutting thickness can be adjusted from 1-10 mm.

The slicer is built in a solid hardware construction for a long lasting production. Motor and gear box are of stainless steel IP69. 

The Long Slicer is constructed with enhanced operator safe-ty accommodating necessary regulations.

Operation Method

The fillet or cold smoked fillet is manually fastened on a cutting table panel, the panel then moves forward and backwards with the fillet, cutting it stepwise into slices lengthwise. After slicing the fillets are removed by an operator.


•Higher yield
•High capacity of fish
•A more even end product
•Easy and fast to clean
•Open end design that makes it faster and easier to remove and mount the fillets 


The Longslicer can be extended with a system that will allow the machine to measure the fish length and thickness once the fish enters the Longslicer. The Longslicer uses these parameters to adjust slicing length and slicing height. This will make the slicing process extremely effective and fast. No more slicing in the air.



Capacity (standard): Up to 60 kg./Hour by 1 kg. fillets
Capacity high speed: Up to 90 kg./Hour dep. on fillet
Cutting temperature: -4° - +4°
Slice thickness: From 1-10 mm
Power: 3 x 400 V/230 V +N+PE, 50 Hz




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