Fresh Slicer SL 125 FWS


The brand new `Fixed Weight´ Slicer SL 125 FWS Vision
is a state of the art, single lane D-cut slicer for fresh smoked salmon.
The slicer can be programmed to perform a fixed weight cut, fixed angle and thickness cut as well as a
fixed length cut.

The cutting angle can be set in a 10°- 90° angle and the slice thickness can be set from 2-100 mm.
To achieve a fixed weight the slicer uses the newest vision and weight technology enabling the slicer to obtain a more
accurate cut.

The fresh slicer 125FWS is made in our hygiene design, an innovative construction, helping to ensure a bacteria-free environment given the fact that the round steel pipes easily drain off the water and hereby minimizes the bacteria accumulation on the machine.


  • Precisely cut fillets
  • Higher yield
  • Easy to operate
  • Low maintenance 
  • Easy to clean round stainless steel (AISI 304). 


Complete stainless steel AISI 304 frame in hygiene
design equipped with adjustable feet
State of the art slicing system
Single lane in- and out-feed conveyors
Single lane card board conveyor
Stainless steel AISI 316 servo motors IP69K with
condensation preventer
Performs D-cut slices with fixed weight, fixed angle and thickness or fixed length

Capacity: Up to 125 slices/min
Cutting angle: 10°-90°
Cutting width: 2 x 240 mm
Slice thickness: From 2-100 mm
Max product height: 45 mm
Max product length: 1000 mm
Power: 3 x 400 V/230 V +N+PE, 50 Hz




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