De-Scaler TRI.4.CX


This automatic high speed fish de-scaler has been designed
to de-scale most species of fresh and salt water fish, hygienically
and efficiently. This model can process 113 to 1800 g
fish such as croaker, trout, spot, whiting, porgy, ocean
perch, herring, mullet, small white fish, tilapia, pinchagua
and dabs.


The machine comes equipped with all necessary components
for immediate operation. The operator unloads a box of fish
onto the in-feed table or takes the fish directly from a trolley
depending on the operational setup.
The fish is placed one at a time, head first into the entry
chute. Travelling from left to right, the fish are held in place
and transported over a series of de-scaling heads.
After de-scaling has been completed, the fish drops out of
the exit chute, scale free.
Water lines keep the fish wet and washes the scales into the
scale catcher below the de-scaling mechanism. The operation
is carried out with such precision that there is little or no
damage to the fish.


• Brushed finish, commercial high grade stainless steel cabinet.
• Automatic water valve and automatic safety power switch
shuts off the machine when the hood is open to ensure
operation safety.
• Finger-tip-adjustment mechanism controls the tension
needed for different types and sizes of fish.


• Stainless steel feeding table.


Operators: 1 person
Fish size: 113-1800 g
Capacity: 18-24 fish/min
Weight: 340 kg
Power supply: 3 x 400 V + PE, 50 Hz (*)
Size (L x W x H): 1920 x 1120 x 1450 mm

(*) Please contact our sales team for other power
connection possibilities.



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