De-Scaler 900


This water scale remover is intended for de-scaling several whole fish.The De-scaler 900 can process both smaller and larger fish simultaneously (300g-8kg). The machine can process smaller fish species such as tilapia, school bass, mackerel, as well as large fish species such as salmon, trout, barramundi, small tunas, dorado and sea breams, sea bass and coho salmon.

The machine is produced in our Hygiene Design,
which makes it easy to clean and practically prevents the bacteria from accumulating on the surface of the equipment.

Besides removing scales, the water scale remover 900 also effectively removes slime and bacteria such as Listeria from the fish. No water is recirculated during the de-scaling process; this ensures an almost bacteria-free environment. 

The De-scaler can be customized to meet the processor's individual needs. The two models are equipped with a cleaning system that sprays water into the belly of the fish, ensuring a completely bacteria-free product.

The speed of the De-scaler can be easily adjusted
by a potentiometer located on the side
of the electrical cabinet near the operator.


  • Scale remover
  • Removal of bacteria
  • Bacteria free processing lines
  • Scale free processing lines
  • High capacity of fish
  • Clean conveyor belts
  • No scale on the finished product
  • Easy to clean


  • Chemical Dosing Unit; for final disinfection of the fish
  • Automatic Rotary Filter; for separation of scales and water
  • De-sliming nozzles





The Two Models - 900 SDS and DDS

900 SDS
The SDS - Single De-scaling Section -
has one high pressure water pump section.
Fish weight from 300 g to 4 kg: 30 fish/min
Fish weight from 4 kg - 8 kg: 16 fish/min.


900 DDS
The DDS - Double De-scaling Section -
has two high pressure water pump sections.
Fish weight from 300 g to 4 kg: 40 fish/min
Fish weight from 4 kg - 8 kg: 25 fish/min.





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