Compact Washer SC 03161


The brushes are activated by infrared cells.
Two differents circuits allowa cleaning of boots and shoes.
Designed for continuous passage:
The unit is suggested to be placed where its use becomes mandatory.
It cleans the side of the boots by rotating brushes.
Horizontal rotating brushes for the soles.

Cleaning agent

Water by spray and water/detergent.
Can be dismatled without any use of tools for easy cleaning of the brushes and other components.


304 stainless steel construction-bead blast finish 2 uses for boots and for clogs on the same machine Photoelectric switch at each end with:

A cleaning system

  • 4 turning brushes dia. 280 mm inclined for the side of the boot 2 turning brushes dia. 180 horizontal for the sole of the boot.
  • Supplied with detergent injector for the disinfection product (without the tank)
  • A wall fixing electrical box
  • An outlet with U-bend

Electrical Supply

  • Tri 400 V + PE, 50 Hz
  • Power: 2.3 kW


  • 2190 x 1235 mm


  • 3 bar
  • Temperature: max. 50°C
  • 20 l/min


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