Compact Washer SC 01327


This model has a sensor at each end, for turning the machine on and off.


Created for a continuous passage, the machine can be installed in a place which makes its use obligatory.
The boot and the sole cleaning is done by the combined action of :

  • The rotating lateral brushes for cleaning the side of the boot.
  • The rotating horizontal brushes for the sole.
  • Water-jets.
  • The forward movement of the user.

Dismantling without tool for easy cleaning of the brushes and the crankcase. Supplied with detergent injector for the disinfection product.


304 stainless steel construction-matt finish.

The machine includes 4 inclined bruches for the side of the boot. 2 horizontal bruches for the sole of the boot. Detergent injector with a regulation range from 0,2 -9,3%.

The tube is U-bend and it has dismantling steps.

Water Supply

  • Advised pressure: 3 bars.
  • Maximum temperature : 50°C.
  • Water flow rate: 20 l/min.

Electrical Supply

  • Tri 400 V + PE, 50 Hz
  • Power: 2.3 kW
  • A wall fixing electrical box

Surface  L x W x H

  • 2800 x 980 x 1305 mm


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