Ice Storage


The Uni-Food Technic Ice Storage is constructed after the "first in - first out" principle. It is manufactured with the ice machine placed on top of the storage. Hereby the ice machine continuously produce ice in accordance with the available storage needed.

The storage needs to be cooled down to minus 8º-10ºC. The water for the ice needs to contain a 9% concentration of salt.
When the ice storage is full, the ice machine will automatically stop by means of an inductive sensor. Another sensor registers minimum volume in the tank and automatically starts up the ice machine for refilling.
The sides are modular build and made in stainless steel AISI 304.

A heating system is mounted at the bottom of the storage. It can be used if the cooling system fails and the screws as a consequence can be locked by thawed ice. The heat melts the ice and the ice storage can be restarted.

Capacity: 5-100 tons (larger storages are made as special assignments).
Our Ice Storage can be individually manufactured for each customer.



The ice machines are placed on top of the ice storage.
The amount of ice machines needed depends on the through-put needed on a day to day basis. One machine can produce up to 1 ton of ice every hour. 


The ice storage is constructed in stainless steel AISI 304, and can store up to 100 tons of ice, depending on the chosen model.


At the bottom of the dispenser there is a number of stainless steel AISI 304 screws.
The screws pull the ice together in the middle, where the underlying transverse dispenser system is placed.
The system is controlled from a main PLC, precautions are made ensuring that the ice storage is emptied homogeneously.

The bottom of the ice storage is made on a rack, which is approx. 1200 mm high. The rack is made either in stainless steel AISI 304 or galvanized steel. The storage demands an invariable cooling temperature of minus 8ºC.


From the ice buffer the ice can be transported to a scale conveyor (the black conveyor seen on the picture), in order to control the output. This system can inform the ice machine to start producing more ice. Alternatively, the information can be used to control how much ice, each user have collected during the day. For an ice storage placed on the harbor selling ice for the local fishermen, this system is simple, easy to operate and can be controlled without supervision.


Control box that makes it easy for the operator to order and collect ice from the storage.




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