Fish Conveyor - several models in various sizes and designs


The Uni-Food Technic Hygiene Conveyor is constructed in stainless steel round pipes (AISI 304). The design contributes to a bacteria free environment.
The fish conveyor is equipped with a quick release function making the belt easy to remove prior to cleaning. We offer several models in various sizes and designs.


  • Belt lifting, which enables cleaning without dismantling the belt.
  • Belt flushing: for constant cleaning during production. Furthermore, there is mounted a tiltable flushing screen on the conveyor, which ensures that the water is lead down to the dripping tray. Hereby no water on the floor. Enables easy dismantling of the belt.
  • Underlying dripping tray for gathering of water and fish waste. The tray can be dismantled for cleaning.
  • Tiltable side cushions, which makes it possible to remove bacteria between the cushions and the conveyor.



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