Fillet Turner


The Uni-Food Technic Fillet Turner is built in a highly hygienic design. All belts can be removed when cleaning is required. Hereby, the machine will be completely open and a meticulous cleaning can be performed.
We make fillet turners for different needs:

1. After skinning, before trimming

After skinning the fillet will lie on the conveyor belt with the skin side down. The fillet turner will turn the fillet upside down (flip-over) so that the skin side will be on top and the head will be first. Hereby the operator can remove the brown meat without having to turn each fillet himself.
This will save time and effort for the operator which will improve the overall processing time.

2. After pin-boning, before skinning

Turning the fillet from head first to tail first. This type of fillet turner is used prior to skinning, as an automatic skinner needs to be fed tail first.
The fillet is with head first and the meat up. It will be turned and end up with tail first and the meat up. The skin side will be down all the time.

3. After Baader 200 filleting machine, before trimming

This type of fillet turner will turn the fillet after exiting the filleting machine and before entering the trimming machine. This is done in order to achieve a correct infeed position when entering the machine.
When exiting the Baader 200 filleting machine the skin side is up and the fillet is with tail first. The fillet turner will flip the fillet so that the skin side is down and further processing can be done with head first.


Our fillet turner is a compact unit that can fit in any processing line!