Bone scraper - designed to scrape remaining meat off salmon backbones


The SP 60J is designed to scrape the remaining meat off the salmon backbones after skinning.
The bone scraper makes it possible to save labour costs and still obtain an even higher yield in the salmon production.


  • The possibility of making a high-end by-product
  • The texture of the meat will not change
  • The operating costs will be reduced
  • The machine is built in the well known UFT quality
  • The machine is easy to clean


Operators: 1 person
Capacity: 10-16 bones/min (*)
Fish size: 2-7 kg (**)
Pneumatic connection: 1/2"
Pneumatic consumption: 14-22 l/min at 6 bar (***)
Water connection: 1/2"
Water consumption: 0-10 l/min
Power connection: 1 x 400/230 V + PE, 6 A
Power consumption: 1 kW
Weight: Approx. 320 kg

(*) Capacity depends on how efficient the operator is.
(**) Yield depends on the operational setup, as well as the quality and nature of the fish.
(***) Water pistol for the operator.




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