De-head Machine MD-500


The MD-500 de-header for salmon and trout offers all possibilities and flexibility of a de-heading machine. The machine has a low initial cost and contributes to the following:

  • The yield will be optimized compared to manual de-heading.
  • The cut of the fish becomes clean and neat (V-cut, also known as Japanese Cut).
  • Due to the design of the machine, the operating safety is enhanced.


The operator places the salmon on a spear in the fish cup, in order for the fish to be correctly in-feed into the cutting section.
The cutting section is pneumatic with a V-cut. The machine de-heads the fish with the collarbone in - "Japanese Cut".
The heads can be transported to a waste conveyor and the carcasses can automatically be in-fed into the gutting line for further processing.
The machine is constructed in strong stainless steel and FDA approved materials, and the security is in accordance with all current regulations.


Fish size: 1-12 kg round fish
Capacity: 0-20 fish/min
Operators: 1 person
Air connection: ½"
Air consumption: 350 l/min
Height: 1700 mm
Lenght: 1300 mm
Width: 600 mm




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