Gutting Unit SGA-22 & 32


The Uni-Food Technic SGA-22 & SGA-32 are salmon gutting units which include an active cutting system to enable removal of roe and/or viscera without the need for pre-bulleting.

Traditional roe-saving machines require a gullying operation to separate the gullet at the throat of the fish, and rely on a pulling action to separate the egg sac or viscera from the body of the fish.

This pulling operation often leads to the skin and sac being either damaged or pulled from the roe, thereby reducing value.

The SGA-22 & 32 utilize an active cutting system, rather than a static blade, to ensure clean cutting of the gullet and membrane, and removal of roe or viscera intact and undamaged.

Care is also taken to ensure that the roe/viscera is exposed to only a minimum amount of water.

The SGA-22 is designed for head-off operations, while the SGA-32 incorporates additional guides and control mechanisms to allow for head-on operation.

The SGA-22 & 32 are made of all non-corrosive materials and comply with all CE machinery directives for safety, hygiene and ease of cleaning.


  • Better end product
  • High speed
  • One operator
  • Versatile design
  • Simple to operate
  • Easy to maintain
  • Low operating cost


Water connection: Standard garden hose connection ½"
Water usage: 18,9 l/min
Air: 6,2 bar; 28,3 l/min, SGA-32 only
Electrical connection: 3 x 400/230 V + PE, 50 Hz
Power connection: 4,5 kW, 24 A
Operators: 1 person
Net weight: 1.200 kg



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