Gutting Machine 3000


Product Description
The automatic gutting unit 3000 is a newly developed gutting machine for automatic gutting of various fish in the range of e.g. 160-300g, 300-500g, 600-900g or 900-1200g.

The control is PLC and servo based. The individual fish is measured for length and height, where automatic adjustment of the different tools for gutting will ensure the ideal setup for each fish size. It is built in a hygienic, stainless construction and equipped with FDA approved materials.

Functionality description
-In-feed of fish into the machine
-Throat cutting and gill cutting - made by rotating air knifes.
-Belly cutting, opening the fish
-2 pieces individual gill pulling units, ensuring that if the first unit does not pull out the gill the second unit will.
-Scraping unit to loosen gut, kidney, blood and intestinal canal viscera.
Vacuum suction for viscera removal.
-2 pieces rotating brush with washing pipe for cleaning of the fish.


Technical Specifications
Operators: 1
Capacity: from 15-35 fish*
Air Consumption: 100l/min, 8 bar
Power connection: 4x400 V/230 V + PE, 50 Hz, 3A
Power consumption:
Water consumption: 5-20l/min, at min 1.5 - 2bar
*Depending on the fish and operator




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