Thawing System


Automatic thawing of single frozen fish. Can also be used for cooling and bleeding tank.

These two tanks have the purpose of thawing single frozen fish before filleting. The thawing process takes up to eight hours depending on the fish size.

The thawing process is controlled by using different parameters. Firstly, for the system to learn how to make the best thawing of the fish and secondly, to use best practice for the future process.

First, the tank thaws the fish. When the center temperature reaches -1° Celsius the tank starts the cooling process in order to keep the fish cold until it moves forward for further processing.

The tank is therefore used both as a thawing tank and cooling tank and can - if necessary -  also be used as a bleeding tank.

The system can be made in accordance to customer needs, depending on the chosen cooling and heating system.





Each tank can contain 6000 kg of fish. In this case, the ratio between fish and water is 1:2.

In each tank there are six compartments, the four in the middle  measuring 2.3 m3 and the two at the end measuring 4.4 m3. This means that each of the four compartments in the middle contain 760 kg fish and the two end compartments each contain 1480 kg each.




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