Bleeding and/or Cooling Tank - Push System


This cooling, thawing and bleeding tank is constructed in strong stainless steel.

It is mounted with:

  • Strong chains and guides
  • Stainless steel drive and gear
  • Strong guides
  • The tank has integrated small gates for easy cleaning  
  • Pipe connection for RSW cooling water
  • Drain for recirculation of water

The belt construction is elevated over the tank; hereby making it free from the chain guides and possible bacteria accumulation. The stand and rack construction can be built in round pipes (Uni-Food Technic Hygiene Design). The belt construction is built with two chain guides that provides a lifting capacity of 1.2 tons per guide. If more than 1.2 tons is loaded onto the conveyor, three  chain guides must be mounted, increasing the lifting capacity to 2-2.5 tons per guide.

Electrical control system for automatic emptying function is included in the tank. The control system is built so the guides will be lifted up during emptying. To avoid emptying the whole section at a time, the guide can be lowered back into the water to obtain a reduced quantity of fish out of the tank. The emptying system can be programmed by a Siemens PLC computer.



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