Product Portfolio

Uni-Food Technic produces and develops technological equipment for the fish industry especially salmon processing equipment.

We produce intelligent fully automatic fish machinery that reduces the need for labour cost, which enables our customers to be compatible in places where efficiency is the key to success.

Salmon Slaughterhouse

Anaesthetic tub, gill cutting tables, bleeding tanks, salmon gutting units, cooling tanks, grading/packing systems, box dispenser systems, ice-dosers and ice-storages with a capacity of 10-80 tonnes etc.

Salmon Filleting

De-heading machines, de-sliming machines, de-scaling machines, trimming lines with yield control, skinning machines, pin-bone removers etc.

Salmon Smoking

Salt injectors, dry salting arrangements, loading system for smoke trolleys, smoke grates and smoke trolleys, fresh slicers etc.

White Fish

Complete filleting lines with yield control systems, packing systems etc.


Filleting lines, batchweighing/packing systems, stripcutting machines etc.

Other Products

Freezing tunnels, custom made handling equipment, low pressure cleaning systems for cleaning of factories etc.

Filleting Line 940