Press Release

Change of ownership at Uni-Food Technic A/S

As per April 29th, 2019 a generational succession is official.
After 34 years of ownership Bjarne N. Jensen has sold his company to Kurt Bech Christensen.
Uni-Food Technic A/S has been a reliable supplier of machinery and equipment in the salmon industry for many years.

Uni-Food Technic was founded by Bjarne N. Jensen in 1989. The company has grown to be a trustful supplier in salmon processing industry all over the world. 95% of the machinery is exported to all parts of the world, however the main activities are in the two largest salmon markets in the world; Norway and Chile. Our customers are serviced by our own sales people, a service & sales department in Chile and agents in several countries.

Technically the products are at a competitively high level and Uni-Food Technic A/S has taken out several patents on its machinery. All machinery and processing lines are constructed, built and tested in Storvorde and later installed at the customers facilities. In addition, the Uni-Food service team ensures a high-level service and spare part maintenance on the customers machinery.

Bjarne N. Jensen will continue to work for Uni-Food Technic A/S in the position as Key Account Director focusing on customer sales and projects. In the near future, the intention is to expand the sales representatives of Uni-Food Technic A/S, thereby strengthening the sales department.

Kurt Bech Christensen has many years of professional experience, through the last 20 years he has been the director of the companies: Brüel Systems A/S, Desmi A/S, Grundfos A/S and Logstor A/S, all with global responsibility. Previously Kurt has also worked in the position as a supplier to the food industry.

The purpose of the generational succession is to continue the growth of the foundation created by Bjarne N. Jensen. The ambition is to develop Uni-Food Technic A/S into a larger and even stronger company.
Kurt Bech Christensen's main emphasis is: Growth, Development and Earnings. His point of view is: "Those who do not grow - die slowly". Thus, the three areas must always go hand in hand.

Kurt focuses on the goal and the road ahead: "-There is no doubt that Uni-Food Technic has a great potential and we will continue to develop the company into an even stronger and significant supplier of equipment to the fishing industry".

The acquisition takes place retroactively from January 1st, 2019.

Bjarne will continue being the contact person for our customers and agents.
The daily contact in the house will continue as before.

Sunday, May 5, 2019