Hygiene Working Platform


The Hygiene Working Platform is constructed in our Hygiene Design, which makes it easy to clean, thereby minimizing the level of bacteria in the working environment. The platform is ergonomic for the operator due to the foot pedal which enables the operator to elevate the platform. With the foot pedal bacteria will not be transmitted from the floor to the products.

The newest version of the platform is made in close collaboration with Grieg Seafood Rogaland AS, and has resulted in a platform that is ergonomic because of the foot pedal and the standing plate which has a built-in shock absorber.


Maximum load: 250 kg (*)
Platform dimensions: 780 x 600 mm (*)
Height adjustment: 355 mm to 605 mm (*)
Material: Acid proof stainless steel

(*) Please contact our sales team for a custom platform that will fulfill your needs.



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