Value approch and strategy

We design innovative, customized fish processing equipment. Our customers value solutions that deliver high quality and high efficiency. We acknowledge every customers needs and we consider them as partners for future development. We will continue to design efficient and innovative solutions for our customers as we have done since 1990.

Overall strategy

We want to:

Be the preferred global processing equipment supplier for the fish and meat industry.
Provide the fish industry with customized processing lines that fit into specific needs.
Expand and generate a strong global business foundation.
Challenge the market leader and only use the newest processing technology.

Shared values

Our company culture is:

Customer driven - we listen to our customers and serve them with honesty and respect.
Continuous improvement - we are passionated about our work and always seek to improve both our designs and at the same time cost optimise our production.
Local responsible - we use local suppliers to reduce unnecessary environmental impact due to transportation.
Enthusiasm - we seek to facilitate a company culture that is based on honesty, empowerment, and creativity.